Muralha Digital®: Enhancing Security and Efficiency in Smart Cities

What is Muralha Digital®?

Designed to enhance security and facilitate traffic management, Digital Wall® is an innovative system that utilizes electronic technology to control and monitor the flow of vehicles and people in smart cities. This solution goes further, improving the efficiency of traffic management and providing real-time data for crucial decisions related to urban mobility and public safety.

Turn your conventional camera into a
powerful crime-fighting tool.

Turn your conventional camera into a powerful crime-fighting

The Technology Behind the Wall:

At the heart of Muralha Digital®, strategic devices such as surveillance cameras, sensors, license plate readers, facial recognition systems, and data analysis come together to create an intelligent network. Installed in key access points, these elements provide vital information such as vehicle plates, facial images, date and time, feeding into a robust database.

With unparalleled precision, Muralha Digital® goes beyond simple monitoring. Its intelligent system analyzes real-time data, empowering the public entity to make strategic decisions. Through detailed analyses, Muralha Digital® can trigger instant alerts, allow or deny strategic accesses, send direct notifications to relevant authorities, and crucially, record information for continuous monitoring and later analysis. This strategic approach elevates security to a new level, providing public entities not only with a surveillance system but also with a proactive tool for efficient and secure urban management.

Discover how the Muralha Digital® can enhance the security and efficiency of public security management.

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