Warehouse Control | Possessions

CCONet has complete control of the warehouse/possessions, allowing the management of items in stock, whether they are consumables and/or corporate property such as weapons, vehicles, vests, radios and others. The system also accounts for the movement of patrimonial or items in stock.



In warehouse control, all consumable products such as groceries, cleaning and office products, among others, are registered. The entry and exit of these products can be carried out with or without a barcode. The system also notifies you when the minimum quantity of each product has been exceeded, thus providing a facilitator for replacement.


In this module, the control of all property assets such as weapons, vests, tablets, vehicles, radios, cones, among others, are carried out. 

The system accounts for the movement of these items, with their entry and exit with a checklist. At the beginning of the working day, the agent collects his work equipment from the warehouse and enters his personal system password to register this movement. An inventory is automatically sent via email to the agent, with all the items he has withdrawn. At the end of the turn he returns these items and enters his password to record the return of these items. In case of equipment that is permanently with the security agent, it will be counted in another screen, for a control of what is in its possession. The system also counts the number of shots fired by each weapon.

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