Mobile Module

Android application for the exclusive use of agents in response to occurrences. It can be accessed on a mobile device or tablet, operating online and offline, where the agent can enter and consult information about events in real time, obtaining data on those involved (victims, suspects and detainees) through automatic synchronization . 

With the link between the person involved and the occurrence, the agent will have access to the entire history, obtaining essential information for the outcome of the situation in the best possible way.


The system allows photos to be attached to the occurrence and to search for those involved using their photo, as it has facial recognition technology. 

To facilitate the registration of those involved, the system uses OCR technology, where the photo of the document is scanned by the APP, processed and the fields relating to the document are filled in automatically, providing agility and security in the registration of information.



The administrative assembles program cards of itineraries to be carried out with a scheduled time. 

Later, this is transferred to a vehicle that will patrol the predetermined region.

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