Incidents Management and Dispatch

CCONet has a complete and advanced control of incidents and occurrences. Integration allows calls to be registered and recorded automatically, generating a service protocol. If the applicant’s number already has a history of calls, the system will present all data on screen, thus helping to prevent prank and redundant calls, and optimizing the workflow in the control room. All information collected can be registered, updated and searched easily. The dispatch module displays a list of all open calls as well as a map with the geographic location of each vehicle, facilitating dispatch and optimizing arrival time. As soon as a high priority event is opened, an audible alert is activated so that the dispatch operator can assign a vehicle as quickly as possible. 



Someone witnesses suspicious activity in his neighborhood and decides to call the Security Force in his district. The operator receives the call and without any intervention, the system starts recording the call automatically, generates a protocol number and stores the data on the requester’s telephone number, attaching the date and time of the service. The operator collects information about the location and nature of the request, recording it in the event.


The dispatcher checks the list of open requests, which is automatically updated by the CCONet system. It checks the map, and then find the vehicles that are closest to the location. Once the vehicle is selected, he associates it with the occurrence and communicates it by radio or via mobile to travel to the location. The vehicle agents receive the order and proceed to the service location. If there is more than one agent in the vehicle, one of them can help the driver by looking for the best route on the map.



As the occurrence is in progress, it is normal for the operator to receive other calls reporting the same situation. Some of these calls may provide new information. In this case, the operator enters the data in the occurrence and these are available to the security agent, as the system is fully integrated with it’s unit, the CCONet Mobile. With this information, the agent in the field can prepare even before arriving at the location.


The agents arrive at the place and carry out the service for which they were assigned. They can also collect photographic evidence of the occurrence, which is immediately attached to the database. On-site, through CCONet Mobile they can more accurately update incident information and report on the actions that have been taken so far. The registration of those involved (victims, witnesses, suspects and detainees) has artificial intelligence features such as facial recognition and document OCR. The agent has access in the field, through his smartphone or tablet, to all available information, and everything in real time.



With all the data registered, it is possible to have a complete report of the occurrence, accompanied by all the data collected, such as the recording of the call, site map, photos, files of those involved, data from agents, vehicle and support agencies. This data will also count for statistical reports.


And to further optimize the service, CCONet has the 153 Cidadão App – with the purpose of bringing the citizen closer to the State, providing a fast and efficient service.

It presents a series of benefits, where the APP identifies and presents, when requesting, all the citizen’s data and their geographic location, facilitating the displacement of security forces for the service.

For more information about this App, visit the website: www.153cidadã

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